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2012 Season

Blog Article ImageI had an extra skip in my step for my first show of the season after feeling inspired from working at the Arnold the previous week. I was excited to show off my new pink suit and just to be back on stage. I had fun hitting my poses and was thrilled to be back in competition season.

In recent months, I have been thinking about trying a new sport.  As a former gymnast, track athlete, and fitness competitor, I miss the accomplished feeling of finishing a great routine or crossing the finish line.  After I switched to the bikini division since it was more suitable to my physique, I missed the fitness routine. After two years of competing as a pro and achieving the balance of staying in contest shape year round, I crave a new challenge.

At the Arnold Expo, I was reminded that there are so many different sports out there. I was in awe passing the rooms seeing some of the sports take place and hearing about the rest. The amount of athletes and spectators was overwhelming.  I was asking my fellow Team HMB members questions about their sports. All of it was so interesting and inspiring to me.

Two of our team members competed at the Arnold in the deadlift competition. I asked Bryan Dermody about his best lift, which was 777lbs., the day prior to his competition while working at the booth. Then the following day I watched him perform his best deadlift of 782lbs. The emotion and excitement I felt just watching him achieve his present goal is when I knew I needed to get involved in a new sport that will have that accomplished feeling.

I’m currently looking into MMA training and seeing where it takes me. Just the thought of new training and pushing myself is already exciting to me. I know I will have top notch recovery with HMB supplementation no matter which sport I do. In the meantime, I will be back on stage during 2012 another 3 or 4 times!

Happy training everyone!

Posted on March 16, 2012


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