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2011 IPF Pacific Ocean Invitational

Blog Article ImageThe IPF has been attempting to gain Olympic recognition for several years.  As it currently stands the IPF is recognized through the General Assembly of International Sports Federations (GAISF).  The IPF competes every 4 years in an Olympic recognized event through the IWGA World Games.  The IWGA World Games is contested the year following the Summer Olympics. It is a large multi sport event that is made up of sports that are not included in the Winter or Summer Olympics.  The World Games are the real deal, and I have been fortunate to compete in three of these events.  One of the critics the IOC made during the last application process was that the IPF had too many weight classes.  The IPF voted to decrease the Men’s weight classes from 11 to 8 as of January 1, 2011. New weight classes were established, and the existing World Records were archived.  New World Record Standards were set for the new weight classes.  I have previously competed in the 125+ KG Class, and now I compete in the 120+ KG Class. The new deadlift World Record Standard for the 120+ KG Class was set at 395 KG (870 lbs).

I was fortunate to be invited to the IPF Pacific Invitational which was held in Melbourne, Australia on July 31, 2011. This event was sanctioned through the IPF as an Oceanic Region International Contest which allowed for World Records to be set.

The trip to Melbourne was a brutally long trip.  I started my journey with Coach Gary Grahn at 9 am on July 26 and we arrived at the hotel at 10 am Melbourne time on July 28.  This was approximately 33 hours of travel.  As you can imagine being close to 6’5” and 330 lbs does not make for very comfortable airline travel.

I went into the contest with the game plan to try and win the contest, but not push my squat very heavy in order to save my energy for the deadlift World Record attempt.  I opened very light with 782. I made an easy second attempt with 815, but passed my third attempt.  My bench was a pleasant surprise with a 595 third attempt that left some considerable weight on the platform.  With the long travel I was not sure how the deadlift would go.  I opened light with 771, and jumped my second attempt to 837 to hit the new World Record Masters Standard.  Rather than try to push my luck with a 400+ KG attempt I decided that I needed to attempt exactly what I need for the new IPF Open World Record.  I called for 395KG (870lbs).  The crowd was worked up into frenzy! The attempt was fast off floor…stalled a little at the knees, but I was able to power through the sticking point and finished the lift in front of a wild crowd.  Despite a short training period and long travel I am happy to report a great day in which I was able to win the contest, set 4 IPF Masters World Records, and finally get the big one I have been working for my entire powerlifting career with a new IPF Open World Record Deadlift!!! 
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Brad Gillingham

Posted on August 9, 2011


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