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Two meets in the books and one more to wrap up for 2015.

October 1st I competed in the IPF Masters Worlds in Aurora, CO, taking home the Gold for Team USA as well as the Best Lifter award.  This marked my 11th IPF World Championship Title.

Meets are always fun, you go in with a game plan, but life throws in a little twist along the way.  I opened my squats at 462 lbs. and then went to 496 lbs. on my second attempt, but ended up with it nearly flying over my head.  It’s awesome when you have spotters saving your head (literally) and grabbed the bar just in time.   But I came back to nail it on my 3rd attempt.  

Bench went well with an easy opener of 281 lbs. and then a successful 2nd attempt at 319 lbs.  I went for the Master 1 World Record bench but my foot slipped on the platform and lost my leg drive… maybe next time. 

Onto the deadlifts, I opened up super conservative (462 lbs.) because the platform was both wobbly and slick and with my super wide sumo pull, I didn’t want to slip and injure myself.  Turned out that all went well and decided to chip my current Open World Deadlift Record and pulled a successful 547 lbs. (248kg).

My final numbers for the day were: 496/319/546/1362 (In Kilos: 225/145/248/618)

Since apparently I am a glutton for punishment, two weeks after the IPF Master Worlds I traveled from Alaska back to Pennsylvania and took part in the biggest powerlifting meet in the history of the sport.  The 2015 USAPL Raw Nationals had 1147 entries.  I believe 990 actually showed.   My main focus for this meet was to qualify for Raw Worlds in 2016 since they are on home turf (Texas!).  I accomplished that with 6 attempts, ending with a 314 lb. squat, 254 lb. bench (unofficial Master World record) and a 352 lb. deadlift.

These meets were a stepping-stone for IPF Open Worlds, which will be held in Luxembourg on November 12th.  Click here to watch a little bit of my training leading up to the event.

I am keeping strong and going thanks to HMB helping fuel my system through a pretty aggressive fall competition season! 

Posted on October 27, 2015


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