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14 Weeks Out

Blog Article ImageMy training is going well; I’m roughly 14 weeks out and already under 7% body fat.   I will be cruising under 4% in no time.  My workouts have been exhausting and constantly changing, which is a great thing. 

Training wise, I am doing the “100 Rep” workout this week.  On Monday was Standing EZ curls with 100 lbs, every set is to failure, and I do as many sets as it takes until I get to 100 reps.  Then rest 45 seconds and go again, repeat until 100 reps are reached.  Then I did Vbar tricep pushdowns with thick grip and repeated the 2 sets of 100 reps.  Tuesday is legs.  I start with 400 lbs on the leg press and it’s the same workout as above.  Every set goes to failure, and I do as many sets as needed until I reach 200 reps. Then move to leg curls doing the same thing, but only 100 reps.  Thursday will be bench and pulldowns for 100 reps each and Friday is calves for 100 reps. 

Thanks to HMB I am able to get through these workouts and recover in time for the next one, they have been extremely tough and HMB is the one supplement that I know is helping me.

Posted on February 1, 2011


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