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105KG World's Strongest Man

Blog Article ImageIT’S OFFICIAL, the 105KG World’s Strongest Man contest will be held in Kiev, Ukraine on December 19th. There are six events scheduled to test the strength of the 15 athletes competing and determine who the strongest 105KG man in the World is. I will be flying out of Detroit on the 17th and arrive in Kiev on the 18th. This will give me one day to adapt to the time change and be ready to compete. I’m prepared to be strong any time of day, any time of year, so I do not foresee travelling as an issue for me. This event was held in the Ukraine last year as well and it was a fantastic event. I am really looking forward to competing with and against the best and strongest in the world in this great sport. There are some truly excellent athletes in the 105KG class that will make this a very challenging contest.

The events are:

Arm over arm pull
Dumbbell Press for reps with 80KG
Pole Push
Log Press for reps with 130Kg
Stone over bar 200KG – 125cm
Car Squat – 320KG

I’m really looking forward to getting pay backs on the arm over arm. I did poorly in this event last year relative to what I think I am capable of.  The log press and stone lift should also be good events for me. I tied for the win in the stone lift last year and want to take it again this time. The pole push will be very interesting as I have never done a head to head event in strongman. Dumbbell pressing has always been a difficult event for me due to a very old shoulder injury that limits my range of motion on my right side. I’ve been working hard to correct this and I’ll see if it pays off in a couple weeks. The car squat will probably be a lot like last year, and it buried me. That experience along with some improved technique should give me the opportunity to succeed here though. I’m really looking forward to improving on last year’s 6th place finish. My plan is to simply take the contest one event at a time, go 100%, and then see where the points stand at the end of the day!

I will do my best to represent the USA and bring home some event wins.
The 105KG class in the USA is filled with incredible athletes and it is an honor to represent such a strong group. These guys have pushed me to achieve feats of strength I would have thought impossible several years ago.

Being a member of Team HMB and using HMB on a regular basis has been a huge contributor to my success in this sport and over the last couple years. The improved recovery and strength levels are phenomenal. I recommend it for anyone serious about being strong. Check back at the end of the month for a full meet report and until then TRAIN HARD.

Posted on December 6, 2010


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