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105KG America's Strongest Man 2011

Blog Article ImageThis year’s contest was held in conjunction with the Amateur Heavyweight Nationals, so if qualified the 105KG pros could compete in both divisions.
I was qualified and looking forward to mixing it up with the Heavyweight Amateurs as well as a very competitive group of 10 Lightweight Pros. The contest started Friday with 4 events on a cool and windy afternoon.

Log Press
I warmed up to a couple singles with 300lbs. The contest weight was 310lb and I was able to knock out a quick two reps before just missing the third.
I made one last attempt with 10 seconds left but was off balance after I cleaned it and didn’t get to attempt a press. Two reps put me in a tie for third place in the 105KG class with Deck and Mutaffis. Sean Demarinis was incredible in this event and took the win with six big reps. Deck also won the best bail out award with combination reverse somersault log thrust and Porter claimed the longest rep award while spending a good 10 seconds locking out his fourth rep.

Yoke Carry
850lbs for 80 feet, no problem, no drops and I took first place in the 105KG with a time of
17 seconds.

Farmers Carry
335lbs per hand was easy work here for 80 feet but my speed was a little slow. I finished in 14 seconds for third place behind Mihalov and Nims.

Car Deadlift
This was an interesting event. There were a LOT of competitors that failed to make a lift in both the Heavyweight and the 105KG division. I stepped up to the apparatus with the number to beat in the 105KG division being eight.
I banged out four brutal reps and then grinded out a fifth after a short break. I ended in fourth place here with West and Mutaffis tying for the win in the 105KG.

This concluded the first day and I had a one point lead after a small scoring error got fixed.

Bigg Dogg Husafelt Carry
We were carrying 360lbs for maximum distance. I took a couple practice picks with the implement and it felt pretty comfortable in my arms. I took it almost four lengths for a final distance of around 300 feet which put me in the lead for the 105KG but Bodi and Nims beat my mark and Porter just barely edged me out too, dropping me to fourth.


Atlas Stone Over Bar
The 360lb atlas stone had to be lifted over the bar as many times as possible in one minute. Zack Nims was in the lead for the 105Kg over me by one point and we were going head to head for the title. I picked the stone up easy when the whistle blew and went to load it. I’m not sure what went wrong at this point but I bounced the stone off the crossbar and missed the lift. I never got back on track after this.  I ended up with a zero here and dropped to third in the overall 105KG. This was a disappointing finish to an otherwise strong contest. Big congratulations to Zack Nims for winning the 105KG America’s Strongest Man. He was by far the most consistent throughout.

I want to send out a few big thanks as well; to my family for supporting and encouraging me in my athletic endeavors, however strange they may be, NAS for putting on what was probably the biggest single strongman competition ever with over 150 competitors, and to God for the gifts he has given me to be able to excel in this sport.

Another huge thanks goes out to MTI and Team HMB. They are constantly providing me with the best supplements to fuel my body through the grueling training that is required to compete at this level.

Posted on November 7, 2011


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