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HMB helps improve the effects of weight training, improves indicators of endurance, and can assist in recovery. Published studies and research shows HMB increases strength, improves endurance, and aids in recovery for men, women, young, old, athletes, and novices.

Science Instead of Hype:

Reduce Muscle Loss and Stimulate Protein Synthesis

HMB aids in increasing muscle protein in two ways:

First, it decreases protein breakdown from hard workouts - HMB disrupts protein breakdown by decreasing the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway. This means you can increase strength faster because your body has less muscle damage that needs to be repaired and thus, HMB helps you to maximize your training results and prevent muscle degeneration.  More

Second, it increases protein synthesis for increased strength - Several studies indicate that HMB stimulates protein synthesis through multiple mechanisms including the mTOR pathway. It has been shown to improve the results of weight training on strength gains. More

Results Instead of Disappointments

HMB is regularly used in the medical field to reduce muscle loss and is used by athletes of all types to increase strength, endurance, and reduce recovery time. Isn't it time you discovered what so many others already know? Patented HMB is safe and it works. Three grams of HMB per day, or more specifically 17 mg of HMB per pound of bodyweight per day, has been proven to reduce protein breakdown and assist in muscle repair. Research also suggests that HMB is safe with no adverse effects in males and females, both young and old.

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