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Why Supplement with HMB

AMRAP Nutrition HMB is a safe and effective muscle supplement for men and women. Each capsule contains 3000mg of ß-Hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate, a naturally occurring substance that has been shown to promote the addition of new muscle mass and decrease the rate of muscle breakdown by boosting protein synthesis. When taken regularly, AMRAP Nutrition HMB also increases strength and stamina, reduces skeletal muscle damage, and improves post-workout recovery time.

AMRAP Nutrition HMB can be used for long periods without harmful side effects and is recommended for men and women at all athletic levels seeking to increase and maintain lean muscle mass and speed their recovery time.

  • Increase Protein Synthesis
  • Stimulate mTOR Pathway
  • Reduce Recovery Time

HMB Supplements For Enhanced Muscle Mass

We bring you the highest quality HMB products that work hard while you work out. The result: building, maintaining and repairing muscles becomes easier. Your stamina increases, and so does physical strength. Our formula for the HMB supplement will help you ace your athletic performance.

Purchase the HMB supplement here and enhance your athletic and fitness efforts now.


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