HMB Increases the Cardiovascular Benefits of Exercise

Clinical research shows HMB is a safe, effective way for the casual athlete to maximize the health benefits of exercise

As the body of research grows, so does the potential for HMB.

Invariably the first question on the heels of a discovery of a great nutritional training aid is, "But what about side effects?"

In the case of HMB, the study of safety is almost as astounding as the discovery of the initial benefits: lower LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and cardiovascular risk.

That alone is a powerful case for expanding the use of HMB for the casual athlete, since many casual athletes exercise simply for health benefits instead of competitive ones.

When compared with placebo supplementation
in nine studies, HMB resulted in decreasing
LDL cholesterol and blood pressure which
translated to an overall ten percent decrease in
cardiovascular risk.

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