Jackie Haas

Posted on: October 09, 2008

Hey there everyone – let me start off by officially introducing myself and welcoming you to my “HMB Blog Log”… Jackie Haas here, reporting in!


There are so many reasons why I am anticipating, more than ever, my involvement with HMB.  However, before I dig into the training aspect of it, I would like to take this time to report a bit on HMB & ME!


My training plans are in the works with HMB to start soon (however, seeing that I am still nursing our new family addition, it’ll be another month or so).  And these training plans are going to be more intense, hence much more rewarding, in the near future – gives you something to look forward to, huh!?!  One big thing to anticipate in the future will be one of my first “Team HMB” appearances at The Arnold Classic next year, March 6th – 8th, 2009! 


However, in the meantime, my husband – WWE Superstar Charlie Haas – has been reaping the benefits of HMB with his training; as I look to him in awe from the amazing results he’s had since incorporating HMB into his daily regimen, I can’t wait to pound out those miles even harder and faster than ever before – and have the best body EVER after having two children! 


So, sit tight, and be sure to check out our “other new addition”… (and if you are local to the Dallas, TX area – be sure to check out our retail and smoothie shop)!  We carry HMB and so many other superior products in the supplement and health industry at wholesale prices!! 

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* All of the individuals providing testimonies/blogs on this website are sponsored athletes or have received the ingredient HMB as a gift from Metabolic Technologies Inc


Jackie has always been an inspiration in terms of keeping one in shape and getting into shape. As I start my journey towards reaching my goal of being fit & active, I look towards Jackie & Charlie to help guide me down the right path. Thank you both and I hope that Custom Muscle is a big success.
Posted on: October 09, 2008   09:22 PM
HMB sounds amazing! Must try!
Posted on: October 09, 2008   06:17 PM
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