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Priscilla Ribic

"I feel lucky to have been introduced to HMB!  As a drug-free athlete, it is important to have a supplement you can trust.  HMB helps in the endurance and recovery desperately needed for training at the highest level..."... Read More

Priscilla Ribic, USAPL/IPF Powerlifter
Sam Dancer

"Within weeks of taking HMB I had set multiple personal records in my Olympic lifts, over-head squat, front and back squat. I tell everyone that is in the quest for health, wellness, and better performance if you want to be a recovery monster you need to take HMB..."... Read More

Sam Dancer, CrossFit/NPGL Athlete
Taylor Galadyk

"I have recently starting taking HMB capsules three times a day to help with my recovery. I have noticed a faster recovery time and less muscle soreness..."... Read More

Taylor Galadyk, CrossFit Athlete & Coach
Justin Blake

"I have been using HMB for 18 months and it has become a staple in my training regimen..."... Read More

Justin Blake, Strongman/Strength Athlete
Bryan Dermody

"HMB can be the factor that pushes you to a level you have not been able to reach thus far..."... Read More

Bryan Dermody, Powerlifter/Strength Athlete
Jennifer Dietrick

"I started using HMB and after 3-4 weeks of consistent use, I became leaner and had a quicker recovery time after training..."... Read More

Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist
David Douglas

"When I first started using HMB, it quickly became the top supplement I suggested especially in the recovery department..."... Read More

David Douglas, Powerlifter/Strength Athlete
Jared Enderton

"Within a month of taking HMB I set all time records in the snatch, front squat, and back squat..."... Read More

Jared Enderton, NPGL Grid Athlete/Olympic weightlifter
Tate Fisher

"With the first couple weeks of adding HMB supplements to my diet, I had more energy going into WODs, more endurance throughout, and my recovery decreased in time and increased in quality..."... Read More

Tate Fisher, IronTribe/CrossFit Athlete
Brad Gillingham

"I have found that HMB not only helps with my energy level throughout the workout, but helps with my recovery and decreases delayed onset muscle soreness..."... Read More

Brad Gillingham, Powerlifter/Strength Athlete
Karl Gillingham

"Since I started using GNC Pro Performance HMB, I have noticed an increase in my ability to recover faster, an increase in stamina, and a decrease in muscle soreness..."... Read More

Karl Gillingham, Strongman/Strength Athlete
Wade Gillingham

"When I first started taking HMB, I noticed that I had really good workouts on days I took the supplement..."... Read More

Wade Gillingham, Strength Athlete
Catherine Chiarelli Allen

"I have now been able to take my training to the next level because of HMB. I am stronger, faster, and deliver more intense workouts for longer periods of time..."... Read More

Catherine Chiarelli Allen, Actress/Fitness Host
Aubrie Hewitt

"HMB helped me maintain my lean muscle mass when doing two a day cardio, prepping for my last event..."... Read More

Aubrie Hewitt, Fitness Model
Bryce Holmes

"HMB has done wonders for me. I haven't felt this good or have made gains like this in years..."... Read More

Bryce Holmes, Bodybuilder - NPC
Carissa Johnson

"Ever since I began competing in 2010, I have taken HMB. It is one of the few supplements I use, and the one I believe most strongly in..."... Read More

Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro/Fitness Model
Jason Kaiman

"I started taking HMB a little over 1 year ago, and through that time I have put on just over 10 lbs of muscle..."... Read More

Jason Kaiman, Natural Bodybuilder
Jada Kelly

"I began using BodyTech HMB capsules after my strength training workouts. I am thrilled to say that I feel like I am 100% back to normal after surgery and I look and feel amazing..."... Read More

Jada Kelly, NPC Bikini Competitor
Mike Kurzeja

"During this past year I have had tremendous success with HMB..."... Read More

Mike Kurzeja, Middleweight Professional Boxer
Kris Lynn

"Daily I was seeing that my training sessions were lasting longer, I was working heavier loads and I was always ready to get back at it again the next day..."... Read More

Kris Lynn, Figure Competitor
Spenser Remick

"Since I have been taking HMB consistently, I can definitely feel a difference in the way my body has responded to training..."... Read More

Spencer Remick, Strongman/Strength Athlete
Erin Stern

"I have counted on HMB to help with my recovery since my college days..."... Read More

Erin Stern, IFBB Figure Pro/USATF Competitor
Jeff Mack

"The first thing that I did notice was that other people were commenting on a little bit of size that I had gained..."... Read More

Jeff Mack, Masters Track & Field Athlete
TJ Tollakson

"HMB helps me to actively recover from the toughest training while minimizing the fatigue and damage to my muscles..."... Read More

TJ Tollakson, Pro Triathlete/CEO of Rüster Sports
Nick Weite

"Since I started using it, I noticed my ability to recover has improved dramatically..."... Read More

Nick Weite, Powerlifter
Danyelle Mastarone

"HMB has been a staple in my supplement regime and it continues to prove its worth..."... Read More

Danyelle Mastarone, NPC Figure Competitor
Pat McGettigan

"I have found that adding HMB to my training routine has allowed me to continue heavy training for longer periods and my recovery between heavy days has increased dramatically..."... Read More

Pat McGettigan, Powerlifter/Strength Athlete
Jackie Haas

"I have been able to up the intensity of my training over the course of the past 2 months and have felt the results, no doubt..."... Read More

Jackie Haas, Fitness Model & Athlete
Philita Wheeler

"HMB not only helped increase my lean mass but my new found strength at the gym has been at a whole new level..."... Read More

Philita Wheeler, NPC Figure Competitor
Tim Nassen

"HMB helps me to train harder, recover more quickly, and maintain or increase my strength level, even when cutting weight..."... Read More

Tim Nassen, Strongman
Aaron Phillippi

" I was able to maintain strength and muscle mass throughout the prep...."... Read More

Aaron Phillippi, Natural Bodybuilder
Steve Poynter

"the only thing I can contribute the lean gains from was the HMB, this was the only new thing I had introduced to my supplement list..."... Read More

Steve Poynter, Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer
Charlotte Quillen

"I am recovering at a much faster rate, and I attribute this to HMB, as this is the only thing I have changed in my supplementation..."... Read More

Charlotte Quillen, Figure Competitor/Personal Trainer
John Conner

"I have heard nothing but great things about HMB products..."... Read More

John Conner, Strongman/Powerlifter
Troy Saunders

"It has kept the muscle, and has allowed me the freedom to stay lean and competitive in top level strength sports..."... Read More

Troy Saunders, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder/Powerlifter
Chad Shaw

"After taking HMB for several weeks, I was amazed how good I felt the days following my most intense workouts..."... Read More

Chad Shaw, Natural Bodybuilder
Eric Todd

"Since training on the heavy, big bar lifts I feel HMB has allowed me to do this very taxing training much more often due to the recovery properties..."... Read More

Eric Todd, Strongman/Strength Athlete
Andy Vincent

"While cutting weight I have not only maintained my strength, but have gotten even stronger..."... Read More

Andy Vincent, Strongman/Strength Athlete
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